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#FounderFriday: Gregory Stein, MD, MBA

This week’s #FounderFriday is Gregory Stein, CEO and President of Curtana Pharmaceuticals. Curtana Pharmaceuticals is a preclinical-stage company focused on developing first-in-class small molecule therapeutics that directly target and kill cancer stem cells (CSCs) for the treatment of brain cancer, including glioblastoma (GBM) in adults and pediatric high grade glioma (pHGG) in children. We are thrilled …

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Digital Health Challenge

Software is revolutionizing the world and on October 5 angelMD will showcase 5 leading digital health companies working to impact healthcare across a spectrum of use cases. Join us for a fun evening of innovation, appetizers, drinks, live music and camaraderie. There is no cost.   RSVP HERE DIGITAL HEALTH FINALISTS   Precision Image Analysis, Kirkland, …

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Invest in What You Know to Mitigate Risk

I ordinarily wouldn’t reference an article that I find generally problematic. However, in The Potential and Perils of Title III Crowdfunding by Alicia Robb (Forbes, 9/20/16) the article redeems itself in the final paragraph: “Angel investing is risky, but there are ways to mitigate some of that risk—for example, by building a diversified investment portfolio; investing …

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