Team angelMD • September 12, 2016

Effective marketing is essential to the success of a startup; whether it is giving exposure to your product or service, or telling your story as a pitch. Marketing has moved to digital platforms, where one of the foundational tools is social media.  Within the family of social media, Twitter stands out.

We understand that for many clinical and scientifically oriented startups none of this seems obvious;  these “soft skills” seem superfluous.  This is only true if you intend to operate in a vacuum.  There is no such thing as “build it and they will come.”  We promise!

All startups are seeking one or more of the following at any given time:

  •      Capital/ Investors
  •      Partnerships
  •      Employees/ Advisors
  •      Customers
  •      Acquirers

The challenge is to engage your audience, any or all of the above, with a very limited budget.  Twitter will help you maximize reach to investors, journalists, bloggers, current and potential customers and acquirers.  Increasingly, most are on Twitter. Below we’ve outlined the four reasons every startup should create a Twitter:

1. Simple & Searchable

Twitter is searchable!  Many social media channels aren’t searchable from the outside because the content sits behind walled-gardens (logins). In other words, a Google search can find your tweet, unlike your posts on other social media platforms.

Moreover, it’s easy to do a little research, find topics of interest within your industry and join in real-time conversations with a large but targeted audience.  You don’t have to create a ton of original time-consuming content, you can leverage any relevant content already on Twitter.

2. Source of Great Content

Investors, customers, and acquirers want to be associated with thought leaders.  You must be able to demonstrate that you are a conversant leader in your field.  An easy method to get this started is to provide relevant and valuable content to your audience…consistently.

It’s a challenge to produce a consistent stream of valuable content.  Focus on quality, without disregarding quantity.  It requires planning and commitment.  We’ll offer some suggestions on this in following posts.

As mentioned above, you don’t have to create a lot of original content.  There is a whole universe of others adding content to the conversation.  You earn credibility through your responses and reposts almost as much as when you post original material.

Another helpful practice is to create Twitter lists.  These lists should consist of leaders in your space.  A list ensures you can track their content closely.  It’s built into Twitter.  Play around with it.  It doesn’t break.

3. Helps Manage Your Brand

You have an online reputation whether you know it or not.  Twitter is a key tool to help manage and fortify your reputation / brand.  Those who don’t control the message will have it controlled for them.  Get proactive.

To start, don’t hide behind a corporate veil.  Be authentic and accessible.  Personalize or humanize your brand.  Maintain an open line of communication with your community. Responding to user comments and feedback is essential.

It’s also worth mentioning that you shouldn’t and can’t count on “going viral.”  Unfortunately, “going viral” is an aspiration at best. 

If your startup has a website or a blog — Twitter can be a significant traffic generating platform.  Have you written a new post, been published in a journal or written a book?  Twitter is central to amplifying the visibility of any of these.

The key is consistency, persistence and commitment to your marketing efforts.

4. It’s Free

Although this is not a reason to do anything…. it does eliminate one of the reasons not to.

Once you’ve created a Twitter, follow our twitter @angelMD_Inc and our CEO, @tjarthur to stay connected!


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Image Credit: Twitter