Team angelMD • October 19, 2016

Our #DigitalHealthFeature for today is Yosi. Digital Health, one of the most popular segments in the startup world, roared in the first quarter of 2016. It finished with 981.3M. In light of the robust market, angelMD is holding the Digital Health Challenge as a part of our effort to accelerate the attention given to digital health startups.

We interviewed Hari Prasad, the CEO of Yosi, to get the inside scoop about their company.

Q&A With Yosi CEO Hari Prasad

1.Where did the idea for Yosi originate?yosi_dashboard

Yosi was founded when the founder went to an ER with a dislocated shoulder and had to fill out forms before getting treated.

2.What are a few of the key characteristics that make your team uniquely qualified to make this a success?

We are bound by a common passion to improve healthcare while we complement each others’ skills. We have 3 essential components for success: clinical, technology and healthcare operations expertise.

3.In one or two sentences, what is the problem you are solving?

We are solving patient care coordination in a fragmented industry through patient check-in.

4.What are some of your biggest challenges to date?

A slow moving industry that is reticent to change.

5.Who (university, incubator, etc.) has given you the most help in getting your company off the ground? 

NY health startup ecosystem. To mention a few Digital NYC, Pilot Health Tech, Athena Health, Healthfirst etc.


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