Team angelMD • October 7, 2013

Meet Health123: this Seattle based technology startup has built a platform that enables people to understand and improve their wellness by making simple choices every day that are informed by personal data and professional advice.

Health123’s proprietary Wellness Index, composed of results from expert self-assessments and the convenient Health123 at-home blood analysis, is the foundation for their signature ‘Know, Change, Track’ approach. Health123 is a self-paced wellness program for individuals, powered by their Health Intelligence Platform. Additionally, Health123 enables employers to improve workplace wellness and ROI, understand their organizational health-risks and get actionable advice on how to encourage their employees to practice healthier behaviors at work and anywhere.

Health123 was founded in 2011 by former Microsoft executive Rebecca Norlander and former Razorfish executive Rachel Lanham.  We recently spoke with Rachel about the mission of the company;  to enable every day wellness through informed decisions. Lanham says that “…physicians know that 70% of what ails us are direct by-products of poor lifestyle choices (diet, activity, stress, sleep)…Health123 is here to bend that curve.  An ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure.”

The founders believe that everyone should be empowered to know and take charge of their own wellness. Their vision to revolutionize self-directed wellness encompasses an approachable software service, actionable data analytics and the global accessibility of professional at-home blood testing.

Watch this informational video to learn more and visit their angelMD profile to follow them more closely.



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